Dr. Weiss speaks on a variety of topics related to women in medicine and orthopedics.

Some of her key areas of focus include:


A Surgeon Mom's Guide to Mindfulness and Wellness

My Mom the Surgeon:

Yes, women can be surgeons and moms too. Dr. Weiss discusses the work/life balance, why women might be avoiding a career in orthopedic surgery, and how mothers can balance three kids alongside surgeries, long hours, and self-care.


Orthopedic Injuries For The Parent/Coach/Teacher

Why Women Aren’t Surgeons:

Less than 6% of orthopedic surgeons in the United States are women. There are various theories why this is the case – and many of them are simply untrue. Dr. Weiss advocates for women in the medical community (particularly in the field of orthopedic surgery) in this eye-opening discussion based on the latest facts, percentages, and her own experience as part of the six-percent.

Jennifer Weiss is a gifted and engaging speaker…She has always received outstanding feedback and our audience is always asking us to bring her back to additional conferences.

Robert Adler, MD, MS.Ed. 

Jen is a dynamic and engaging speaker; in addition, she is honest and authentic on the podium.

Christine A. Ho, MD

As Chairman/Co-Chairman of 2 of the largest and most successful CME programs in the country for the last 25 years, we are very selective in inviting faculty. Dr. Weiss is always at the top of our list and never disappoints.

Harry Pellman, MD, FAAP

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