Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you work full time? If yes, how do you fit it all in?

A: I do work full time. I am efficient with every waking moment.  Work and life are not “balanced”, but they are integrated. My kids often come to work with me.  I often write alongside my children at home while they do their homework. I exercise before anyone wakes up in my home.

Q: Are the mothers that do not work outside the home challenging for you to get along with?

A: Absolutely not. These mothers are my tribe, my village, and my people. They are my eyes and ears.  I respect the heck out of them and their decision to devote their time to raising their children and facilitating their family.  And they seem to respect the heck out of what I do. Plus, when their children break themselves I am there to fix them!

Q: Do your kids feel deprived that you work so much?

A: I check in with them about this all the time. My husband is a true 50% partner in parenting.  My mother and sister live nearby. And our nanny is an angel. I am home for dinner almost every night and spend most of the weekend with them.  My 11-year-old is thankful that I am not too invested in her business. And the littles (8 and 6) jump on me when I walk through the door in the evening and don’t leave my side until they go to sleep.  I enjoy every second of this time

Q: Are you less of a surgeon because you have to focus on being a mother?

A: Absolutely not. I am a better doctor since I have had kids of my own.  I am present where I am. When I am in surgery my husband is immediately available as the primary parent.  When I meet new patients, scared and sometimes hurting, they like nothing more than knowing that I am a mom, too.

Q: Do you have hope for improving diversity and inclusivity in medicine, surgery, and orthopaedics?

A: Orthopaedics is sadly the field with the lowest percentage of women in all of medicine. More women would prefer to be urologists and neurosurgeons than orthopedists.  We have so much work to do. But we are serious about doing it. And the 94% of men in my field are finally on board.

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