This mainly happens when patients show symptoms, but the virus is also thought to be transmissible before people have symptoms.  The World Health Organization is considering results from a new study showing that the virus can stay suspended in the air in some states of humidity and temperature.  (  This would increase precaution recommendations to “airborn”.  

Most front line physicians and nurses and clinicians cannot get an N-95 mask, the kind that protects pretty well (95% of the time), unless we are doing a procedure around an airway or secretions.  Right now the evidence is NOT clear.  We do not know if Covid-19 can live in the air.  If it turns out that it does, we are not equipped to protect ourselves.  

We function with a lot of “just in case” precautions in the hospital.  We wear masks and caps and gowns to protect patients from us and us from patients.  The data is not clear that the lengths that we take on a routine basis are necessary.  But an abundance of precaution is our culture, and we are proud of that.  Today we just don’t know.  The evidence is not clear.  But I do know this, we do not have the supplies to support us in an abundance of precaution.  Just like in China and Italy and Seattle, doctors and nurses and front line medical professionals will get sick.  And if we go down, there won’t be enough people to take care of everyone else.  We are here.  We are working.  We are following our moral and ethical obligation and sworn oaths.  We know that we are not protected.  We want you to know too.  So that you can help us by social distancing, supporting our efforts to obtain protective gear, and flattening that dang curve.  

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